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Haramain High Speed Railway stations

Haramain High Speed Railway stations


The Haramain High-Speed Railway is a major transportation project in Saudi Arabia, connecting the cities of Mecca and Medina via Jeddah. It's a high-speed rail system designed to facilitate travel for pilgrims and tourists between the two holy cities.

Railway stations feature well-designed lighting systems that ensure visibility, safety, and ambiance for travelers. Lighting in public spaces, waiting areas, platforms, and entrances contributes to a comfortable and secure environment. The architectural features of the railway stations, such as the design of the buildings, canopies, and entrances, are highlighted by using architectural lighting techniques. This enhances the aesthetics of the stations during the day and night. Proper lighting aids in wayfinding for passengers, helping them navigate through the station efficiently and find their trains, ticketing areas, platforms, and amenities.

Jeddah, Makkah, Medina, KAEC, Saudi Arabia

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